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Stacey V. Morgan

The daughter of a stuntman, I was exposed to the world of film and television from an early age. Fascinated with trips to sets and meeting actors, I watched as scenes were shot and re-shot, cameras and lights were adjusted, and the director expressed his/her visions. Experiencing these elements separately and then watching as they came together to, ultimately, create amazing moving imagery, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

A brief stint operating the camera on a one-off school project confirmed my desire to enter the industry, however it wasn't until taking A Level Media Studies that I knew my place was in Post Production. During this time I was able to develop my skills and fully express my creativity, giving my love for editing the opportunity to manifest itself. This continued through to university where I continued to study editing on a 3 year Film, Radio and Television course, from which I graduated with a First Class BA(Hons) degree.

Breaking out on my own after university I now work on a freelance basis, and look to fulfill my creative urges in any and every way possible. Though happy to get behind the camera as well as work on sound, scripts, directing and all other areas of production, it's editing that is my true calling.

I edit with a keen eye for detail, and am a stickler for frame-by-frame continuity. Only ever 99% satisfied, I can often be found bleary eyed in the early hours striving for perfection!

Aside from filming and editing, my interests include going to the gym, listening to music (A LOT!!), reading, buying vinyl, and playing my guitar!