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MORGANIC FILMS has produced a range of videos for professional artists and groups active in the music industry, documenting their success and promoting their shows.

SHALAMAR - Live at the Indig02, 2012

The Shalamar crew is back in town December 21st, and I for one will be there with bells on!! Here's another promo to celebrate!

LOIS REEVES - Musical Bio

To celebrate the many musical talents and accomplishments of Lois Reeves, MORGANIC FILMS proudly created this video promoting her long and established career in entertainment.

(This was also super-duper exciting for me because along with Shalamar, [see below], Martha Reeves and The Vandellas is the other of my all-time favourite groups!! *Stacey*)

(Edited by Morganic Films)

SHALAMAR - Second Time Around

MORGANIC FILMS is proud to have produced two graphic trailers for disco and R&B favourites, SHALAMAR, promoting their sold-out 2011 return to the Indig02 in London. Both used online, the first video acts as the main trailer promoting the group and detailing all the event information. The second video serves as a little reminder 'teaser', released in the final few days leading up to the concert.

(This was very exciting for me, because Shalamar is one of my two all-time favourite groups!! *Stacey*)

SHALAMAR- 'Second Time Around' at the Indig02

The main trailer promoting the group and detailing all the event information.

(Edited by Morganic Films)

SHALAMAR- Are You Ready? - 'Second Time Around' at the Indig02

The second 'teaser' video.

(Edited by Morganic Films)