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Thinking of having a showreel made? Why not choose MORGANIC FILMS?

MORGANIC FILMS - Full Length Showreel 

MORGANIC FILMS offers a showreel production service, offering creative showreels at competitive prices.

Using your supplied footage MORGANIC FILMS will;

  • Edit a showreel up to 5 minutes long
  • Provide 4 professional looking DVD copies (1 cased and covered, 3 in paper envelopes. Alternatively, add £4.50 for all 4 copies to be provided in a lightweight case)
  • Include one separate media disc with a compressed version for use online.

All for just £190, including return postage.

Extra DVD copies can also be ordered, and these come in two price levels
  • £3.00 with cover and lightweight case
  • £1.50 in a paper envelope

Footage supplied can be in mini-dv, DVD, VHS or Quicktime format.

MORGANIC FILMS can also film additional footage to include in your showreel or to submit for auditions, and can supply a quote upon further discussion.

 MORGAN JOHNSON - Stunt Showreel

 Morgan Johnson wanted a short reel showcasing some of his work over the years, as both a stunt coordinator and a performer.

(Edited by Morganic Films)